Are you Interested in Becoming a Master Gardener? 

Thank you for your interest in the Master Gardener Program in Kitsap County!

In Kitsap County, Master Gardener in-class training is held one day a week on Friday for 12 weeks from January through April. Course work is done both online and in class.

High-speed access to the internet and an email address are required. Trainees are expected to attend all training sessions.

The cost for training will be approximately $300, and scholarships are available. You do not need extensive horticulture knowledge to be accepted into the class. 

Master Gardener trainees must complete 50 hours of volunteer service in their first year. Each year the Master Gardener must submit a re-certification request and complete 25 hours of volunteer service in that year to maintain veteran status as well as 10 hours of continuing education.

Click the link to find out more about the Master Gardener Program.

The WSU Master Gardener Program is dedicated to facilitating excellence in volunteers through education, life-long learning, and professionalism of coordinators and volunteers.

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