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Stormwater runoff contains metals, gasoline, sediment, pathogens, nutrients from our everyday activities.


Recognized as a major threat to the health of Puget Sound, our communities are taking actions to assure that new development is built to minimize the damage, retrofit aging systems, and protect lands that provide extraordinary ecosystem benefits.


We all play a part in cleaner runoff.

Build Healthy Soils

Our yards are our outdoor homes: fun, beautiful, and great spaces for relaxing. By working with nature in how you care for your lawns and gardens, you can have a nice looking landscape that is easier to maintain and healthier for families, pets, and wildlife. Follow these five steps:

• Build healthy soil

• Plant right for your site

• Practice smart watering

• Avoid pesticides and herbicides

• Practice natural lawn care

What will the stormwater program do to prevent pollution and local flooding?

The program builds new regional and neighborhood facilities

 Improves existing stormwater facilities,

  • Reduces flooding

  • Improves water quality,

  • Increases fish passage

  • Provides habitat


Kitsap County Stormwater Division operates and maintains over 225 miles of stormwater pipes, over 11,000 storm drains/catch basins, 600+ stormwater ponds and other facilities that manage the flow of stormwater runoff. Staff also performs inspections and monitoring to prevent pollution and respond to spills.

    Master Gardener Foundation of Kitsap County

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    The Master Gardener Foundation is a 501.c.3 charitable organization whose sole purpose is to support the Master Gardener program of Washington State University Extension in Kitsap County.  


    Federal Identification Number: 94-3049072

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